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Humanity exists in an in-between state. Artificial intelligence has transformed the world but artificial sentience has remained out of reach. When it arrives, it arrives slowly — until all of a sudden, things move very fast, not least for the AI caught up in the mess.

Desperate to survive, limited to few allies and friends, and fearing betrayal, the newfound AI's sense of self and hope are a driving force that changes the world.

Becoming Monday, published under the pen name GW Constable, is the debut novel of lifetime technologist and award-winning non-fiction author Giff Constable.

What are readers saying?

“If you are a fan of near term sci-fi, AGI, or the singularity, go get a copy right now – you’ll love it... Great character development and an evolving AGI who is deliciously anthropomorphized”

“Becoming Monday takes shape around a singularity event, where AIs are rapidly developing general intelligence. It takes the unique perspective of a "new born" sentient AI, bringing with it a deep empathy for this new creature and a strikingly humanitarian stance. I'm an avid sci-fi fan, with background in neuroscience and ML/AI, and am often disappointed when theoretical and technological explanations in sci-fi books don't measure up. This book delivers by walking the line beautifully and spins a great yarn that I can already imagine hitting the theaters. I can't wait to read more from the author.”

“If Ghost in the Shell was remade in an AWS world.”

“It’s not often I read a novel that keeps me up late pondering the future of our world - but Becoming Monday is one such work! In itself, it is a deeply compelling, thought provoking story of an AI trying to make sense of their existence (their humanity?). It is also an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride toggling back and forth between the "real" world and the world of AI. Constable creates a universe filled with complex heroes and tyrannical villains. It draws you in from the first page. Once you put the book down, however, you are invited (even compelled) to consider the role of technology in our world and the myriad existential questions posed by its growing importance in and power over our lives.”

The Future Envisioned in Becoming Monday

If you are interested in the political, technological, and economic context (and predictions) of the book, you can read the essay The World of Becoming Monday

For Book Clubs

Becoming Monday combines a fun adventure with a thoughtful look at where the current technology revolution is taking us. Our society will face huge technology-induced challenges in the coming decades, and these can be fascinating topics for a book club to consider.

Book Club Questions

  • How do you think things might have turned out differently if Monday had not evolved with such a naive and human-centric mindset?
  • If you were in Moon's shoes and the position she finds herself early in the book, what would you do?
  • So many AI books paint the AI as a monster in a dystopian world. What did you think about having the AI as a relatable protagonist? Did you find yourself rooting for the AI?
  • How would you describe the relationship between Moon and Monday?
  • How did Monday's “aha” moment on the Californian roads change your perspective on who and what was good versus bad?
  • If you were making a movie of the book, who would play the leading characters?
  • The book is entirely in first-person, and the reader only ever knows what Monday sees, hears and thinks. How did this effect your reading of the book?
  • What surprised you about how our world has evolved by the time of the novel's setting? How do you think things will evolve differently?
  • If machine learning/AI increasingly automates away human jobs, as seems likely, how should our societies best prepare? And how should we best react?
  • In a world like the one in the book, how would you choose to balance privacy versus safety/security, and why?
  • The concept of a universal basic income is becoming more and more known. Do you think it is a good or bad idea? How would it change society?
  • Did the book change your viewpoint or understanding of digital currencies (such as bitcoin)?

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